Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

Torsion Versus Extension Springs

by Landon Little

Chances are, you haven't given the springs that operate your garage door a single thought. You probably won't until you have to, which is usually when they break. The springs are one of the most important parts of your garage door and they are also responsible for keeping the door operating safely. They should always be in working condition and replaced when they break. Continue reading to learn about the two main types of garage door springs so you are able to know which springs to choose for your door.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are made to raise the garage door with torque. They are attached above the door, and to build up the needed torque, they twist slowly and coil up on the shaft. Torsion springs are activated when you push the button to raise the garage door or when you manually lift the door.

You can get torsion springs in many different lengths and sizes. When you are looking to replace torsion springs or buy new ones for a new door, you should consult with an expert because the size and length that you need is very specific and depends on many factors including the weight of the door, the height, and the radius of the track.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are the most commonly used garage door springs in residential situations. These springs are installed above the tracks on both sides of the door. They extend and use counterbalance force to support the garage door. Extension springs should always have safety cables that prevent the springs from acting as a dangerous projectile if the spring, cable, or bracket fails.

Which Springs Should You Choose?

Torsion springs are hands down the best spring in this comparison. The door is easier to open, the springs are safer, and they last much longer than extension springs. Even though these springs are safer, you should still have them installed or repaired by a professional.

Extension springs are cheaper, so they are most often used. Unfortunately, they are more dangerous and break more easily than torsion springs.

Whether you need to replace your existing springs or buy new ones for a new garage door install, choosing a torsion spring is your best bet if possible. No matter which spring you choose, always have them installed and repaired by an experienced professional to prevent catastrophic injury to your family or your property. To learn more, contact a company like Calgary Overhead Doors LTD.


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