Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

What Are The Most Important Garage Door Features?

by Landon Little

These days, if you set out to buy a new garage door, you'll be bombarded with different options for materials, features, and styles. If you need to stick within a certain budget, you may need to prioritize and quickly assess the various offerings for modern garage doors. Here are some of the most important features to consider when picking a garage door. 


Color may not seem like an important choice, but picking a great garage door color is one cheap and quick way to revamp the look of your house. For instance, picking a red or yellow garage door to complement a more traditionally styled home can give your home's facade a breath of fresh air. Depending on the type of material you choose, you may have a lot of options for picking colors or painting the door. For instance, vinyl doors can come in many colors, with the paint mixed right into the material. For a wood garage door, you may need to pick your own color; a paint specialist at your local hardware store is a fine resource for comparing your color options. 


Wrapped into the color decision, you'll also need to decide on a material. It will affect which stylistic decisions you can make with the door, but it will also affect your cost range. With garage door materials, it can sometimes be a choice between functionality and aesthetics. For instance, steel doors are both cheap and very durable, while wood doors are more elegant but can also be more susceptible to the weather. However, you don't always need to choose between style and function; vinyl garage doors are both long-lasting and easy to customize for appearance. 


The final key component of choosing a great garage door is the treatments you choose. For instance, you may want to look into the cost of having your garage door insulated; this can save you a lot of money on your monthly heating bills. Another thing that many homeowners look at is storm proofing. Some doors are rated as storm resistant, so you won't have to go to any extra trouble to protect your home during a storm. There are also a number of add ons that you might want to consider, such as a fabric storm proofing door that fastens over the garage entryway. Working with your garage door specialist, you can find a garage door package that accomplishes your most important goals. 


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