Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

4 Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

by Landon Little

One of the things you may use a great deal is your garage. This space will allow you to keep your car stored and provide you with an area to put many other things. Of course, you will want to ensure your garage door stays in good shape to assist you with entering and leaving this area with ease. Being aware of tips that can help you maintain this part of your garage is sure to be beneficial to you.

Tip #1: Check the hardware

You may begin to experience some issues using your garage door opener at times. One of the main reasons for this could be due to the hardware not being as tight as it should be.

The nuts and bolts can loosen over time, and you'll want to do a thorough check to ensure these are tightened. This can be the key to alleviating many of your problems with your garage door before these start.

Tip #2: Put in new weather stripping

One part of your garage that can begin to show its age is the stripping on the doors. This is necessary to help keep the air outside of this space and is also ideal to assist with your doors opening and shutting with ease.

Be sure to replace the weather stripping as necessary to help allow your garage door opener to work as it should on a daily basis to make your life easier

Tip #3: Lubricate the moving parts

You will want to be sure to use the right amount of lubrication where this is needed on your garage doors. It requires some parts to help your garage door open and shut as it should, and these should be well lubricated over time.

Tip #4: Replace the cables

You may start hearing noises when you enter and leave the garage. This could be because the cables are going out and may need to be replaced. When you consider the numerous times you open and shut the doors, this can allow you to understand the toll doing so takes on your cables.

Taking time to care for your garage is essential if you want to have the least problems with it. There are numerous things you can do that will work to keep this critical space of your home well maintained. Be sure to cooperate with a garage door contractor in your area if you need assistance. You can also visit websites like


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