Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

3 Situations That Warrant Help From A Garage Door Repair Company

by Landon Little

As a homeowner, you expect the garage to run smoothly every single day. Then when something happens, panic sets in. It doesn't have to if you quickly contact your local garage door repair services. They can fix the following complications and get your garage door working great again. 

Damaged Track 

The track at the top of your garage is what the garage door travels along. Even though it's fairly sturdy, it can sometimes warp and suffer structural damage. These issues could potentially prevent your garage door from going up and down smoothly, often requiring help from a garage door repair company.

A technician can inspect the current track to make sure a replacement is indeed warranted. If it is, they'll take care of the entire installation in a safe, effective manner. They'll also test the newly installed track to ensure optimal performance. 

Unbalanced Garage Door 

The constant motion of your garage door every day can cause it to get unbalanced. Handling this issue yourself is always a bad idea, as the torsion springs connected to the door support a heavy load. One wrong move could result in significant, and even fatal, injuries.

It's best to let a garage door repair company handle this extensive repair. They'll adjust the torsion springs appropriately so that your garage door is properly balanced. This is paramount for ensuring safe and efficient operation. If you keep experiencing similar issues, then your torsion springs may need to be replaced completely. Just let the technician know if this has become a reoccurring problem.

Faulty Motor 

The motor is responsible for powering your garage door up and down. Unfortunately, it may not always function appropriately. A garage door repair company can troubleshoot any motor issues you've been experiencing, though.

Most of the time, the problem is bad wiring. Wires may have frayed or come out completely, in which case a repair technician can replace these electrical components quickly. Sometimes the issue may lie with some of your circuit breakers and not the motor itself. Or, the motor may just be old and need to be replaced. Whatever repair needs to be done, you'll receive a full breakdown of the problem along with costs to repair it.

You're probably not equipped to handle extensive garage door repairs. That's perfectly okay because there are so many quality garage door repair companies that can assist with various problems, from bad wiring to structural damage to the track. Let their experience and knowledge guide you to the right repair solution. 


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