Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

Converting Garages to Living and Working Spaces: Garage Door Blog

5 Signs It's Time For A New Garage Door

by Landon Little

If you've had your garage door for a while or it isn't working as well as it once did, it might be time for an upgrade. Here are five signs that indicate you need a new garage door.

1. Your garage door is noisy

A noisy garage door is not only annoying, but it can also be a sign that something is wrong. If your door is making creaking or grinding sounds, it could be an indication that the door's tracks need to be lubricated or that the springs are beginning to wear out.

2. Your garage door is difficult to open and close

If your garage door is becoming increasingly difficult to open and close, it could be a sign of wear and tear. It could also mean that the tracks are dirty or misaligned. When your tracks are dirty, it's harder for the door to slide open and closed. If they're misaligned, it puts extra strain on the opener, which can cause it to break down over time.

3. Your garage door is starting to sag

If your garage door is starting to sag or droop, it's a sign that the springs are beginning to fail. The springs are what counterbalance the weight of the door, so when they start to fail, the door becomes harder to open and close.

4. You can see daylight around your garage door

If you can see the sun shining brightly around your garage door, it means that the door is no longer sealing properly. This can be caused by a number of things, including worn-out weatherstripping or a gap in the door itself.

If your garage door isn't sealed correctly, that means it's not doing its job of keeping out the elements. This can lead to costly repairs down the line. It may also let bugs, allergens, and other debris into your home.

5. Your garage door is damaged

If your garage door is visibly damaged, it's time for a new one. Cracks, dents, and rust can all weaken the structure of the door and make it more susceptible to further damage. A new garage door will be more durable and better able to withstand the elements.

If you're experiencing any of these problems with your garage door, it's time to call a professional for a new garage door installation. A new garage door can solve these problems, plus improve the look of your home and increase its value.


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